The Full Story


This is me…

A mom and literary architect with a beautifully creative mind, capable of making a reader out of the most stubborn of audio junkies and a book lover of the youngest readers. Funny thing is, I was never a reader myself.


I grew up with a crippling speech impediment and dyslexia, which made speaking uncomfortable and reading dang near impossible – words were not my friend. Then, I remember as a child hearing about Maya Angelou. Her poetry transported you, and her speaking voice commanded her audience, I wanted to do that. I picked up a pen and paper, sat in my window and wrote. With every stroke of my pen I was submerged into the fantastical world which I created, I escaped line by line. What began as a poem became a story, one in which I was socially ‘normal’ - I fell in love that day with the possibilities of words.


Fast forward a bit, I have stood on stages in Greenwich Village, Long Island, and Brooklyn, where my spoken word drew audiences into my beautiful penned narratives. I have recorded songs in studios and performed them live on stages across Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Where my speech once defined me, words set me free. As my literary journey continued, I realized the power of a focused narrative and used my pen to write on my passions. One of which is motherhood. My blog Mothering Mommy is described as a mental spa. On my platform I shared the quirky moments, the ‘really a tantrum right now!’ moments, and the more serious moments of motherhood.

I continued to use my pen, to inspire imagination and create whimsy, by writing my first, of three children’s books (two are pictured below). Each of which focused on reigniting a fire that was slowly dying in children today, the fire of possibility amid the impossible. That is when I realized that people were my focus, with my intention being to open their eyes to worlds outside of their own. This catapulted me into another creative field Feature Journalism. I began a column focused on, giving voice to the layman and a platform for them to share their point of view on current issues that may be affecting them daily.


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