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Little Illustrator transforms a child's art into personalized stories, co-created by them. 

This unique book-building project is aimed at fostering natural creativity within each child.  With Little Illustrator you and your child follow the creative journey of a personalized book, inspired by their artwork. 

Books Start at $30
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Rachel Turner, Entrepreneur

My sons' drawings were turned into an incredible book. It was so thought out, original, and touching. A treasured keepsake we will keep forever.

Thank you!

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Jenice Johnson Williams, Coach/Entrepreneur

I think this idea is simply endearing and quite brilliant. I love that we will forever have a little storybook inspired by Miah’s early artwork. It makes you want to do so many more as your child grows and we


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Kayla Gregory, Entrepreneur

I thought this was a great idea! My daughter loved seeing her artwork in a book along with a fun storyline. Very professional plus the little gift box was cute and she loved it as well.

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Samantha Goodwin

My 2 year old, Jack, was delighted to see a special book based on his artwork. So cool to see him named as the Book Illustrator! It was a fascinating process to see the personalised story come to life and I was really intrigued to see the final result. It was very simple to submit the artwork too and Sharllah kept in touch at every stage too.

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